Kids Dance Classes

We love kids to just feel like they are doing a class for fun, getting great exercise and being social with their dance friends. It makes the learning aspect of classes much easier for some kids and takes the pressure off getting it right straight away. Pivot is a safe environment for children to try and try again without shame or negativity.

Our caring and patient teachers pride themselves in their ability to use the strengths of the children as motivation for classes and to keep the learning alive.

Fun, active, energetic and a truly colourful way to find the dance in your child.

Our studio offers a range of children’s dance classes including Jazz, Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Contemporary and Aerial and Trapeze skills.

All of our terms follow the same structure as NSW schools and a term enrollment will allow your child to attend classes each week during school terms.

Single Term


Attend one regular class on our kids timetable.

Additional Term


Any additional term classes (2nd, 3rd etc.)

Sibling Term


Additional siblings attending a complete term.

Newcastle Kids Dance Class Info

Fees to be paid at the start of each term or a $20 late fee will apply

$150 per student for first class
$110 per student for any class after first.

There are no discounts or refunds for any missed classes. 

Kids Dance Term dates

Term 1 – Monday 04th Feb 2019 – Saturday 13th April 2019
Term 2- Monday 29th April –Saturday 06th July 2019
Term 3- Monday 22 July – Saturday 28th September 2019
Term 4- Monday 14th October- 12th December 2019

No new enrolments in Term 4